Saturday, September 18, 2010

Discontinued Action-Paks? Call us.

As most of you know, many years ago Action Instruments introduced plug-in "Action-Pak" transmitters and alarms.(Note: Action-Pak is an Action Instruments trademark.) Action grew, became a highly regarded company, added other product lines and were eventually acquired by Eurotherm. Their line still includes Action-Paks but some models are no longer available.

One of our favorite stories - a company called us desperately looking for a special version of an old Action module. They told us, not only could Action no longer make it, they insisted they never had! The customer forwarded us a copy of Action's user's manual.

OK - a special - a one-piece order - we had to charge for some engineering, but we did it. They've ordered a few more since.

Over ten years ago another company came to us because Action no longer made some of the (standard) products they used regularly. Our product line included them (still does) and that company has become one of our better customers.

We're not trying to knock Action. They are a well-respected, quality company. But if you need plug-in modules they no longer offer, e-mail or call us. We probably can help. (And, our customers rave about our service.)

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