Sunday, August 8, 2010

Application Note

AC to DC Translation Monitors Shaker Motion

Here's an application we did 10 years ago for a major manufacturer of membrane-based filtration equipment. They're still using it.

The need - to monitor and control filter movement. Motorized systems are used to oscillate large filter elements back and forth. Peak-to-peak motion is controlled using motor drives. Motion is continuously monitored using laser-based displacement (position) measurement equipment.

The problem – the laser’s output represents instantaneous position, varying continuously as the filter shakes back and forth. The company needed to convert peak-to-peak displacement to 4-20mAdc input current for the motor drive controllers.

The solution – our Model JH5600 AC Input Transmitter. Because the filters are large and driven by rotating equipment their motion is purely sinusoidal so the relationships between average, RMS and peak values are well known. In this application an input range of 0 to 3.536 volts RMS (odd ranges are not special for us) corresponds to 0 to 10 volts peak-to-peak. We have in the past created special modifications for true peak-to-peak measurement, but this was not required for this application

For those who prefer plug-in style modules, the same function is available in our Model JH6010I.

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