Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Products

(DC to Frequency Converters)

Brand-new Models JH7500 & JH7501 integrators convert a DC measurement signal (voltage or current) to a proportional frequency. JH7500 is the general-purpose version. JH7501 operates at low pulse rates - its output is a set of relay contacts that 'click' at the output pulse rate.

Integrator - why the name?

The original - and still common - application is to totalize, or "integrate" flow measurements. A signal from a flowmeter represents flow rate (such as gallons per minute). Each output pulse represents a fixed quantity (such as a gallon, fraction of a gallon or number of gallons). The pulses are fed to a counter. The faster the flow the faster the pulses, so the total flow may be found by reading the counter. Similarly, if the input represents instantaneous power (kilowatts) the total represents power usage (kilowatt-hours).

More modern applications include signal conversion (convert a DC measurement signal to frequency for a PLC's input) and tone telemetry (transmit the converted frequency over a distance, then convert it back to DC at the receiving eng. JH Technology offers frequency to DC converters (also called frequency input transmitters) to perform the receiving end conversion.

For product details click:
JH7500/JH7501 Integrators (DC to Frequency Converters
JH7010I Frequency to DC Converter (Plug-in style, fixed range)
JH7580 Frequency to DC Converter (Plug-in style, user rangeable)
JH5700 Frequency to DC Converter (DIN-rail style, fixed range)

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