Sunday, January 3, 2010

Product Spotlight

Field Mount Enclosures

In our last posting (December 26,2009) we highlighted our FDT5000 Series field mount transmitters with displays. If you don't need a display you can mount any of our plug-in transmitters and alarms in the two enclosures featured here.

NEMA-4X Rated Enclosure

Splashproof & corrosion resistant, it includes the mating socket. It is normally sold without an opening or conduit connection as the installer usually prefers to determine this detail. If you would like us to provide this please e-mail or call 941-927-0300 (in the US, toll-free 800-808-0300) us with your requirements.

Part #ENCL-1-8 with 8-pin socket, or ENCL-1-11 with 11-pin socket.

Explosion Proof Enclosure

This is a Hubbell-Killark enclosure, modified by adding an 8- or 11-pin socket. UL, CSA and Factory Mutual approvals include Class 1, Div 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C & D when properly installed. A neoprene o-ring assures water-resistance per NEMA 4/IP66. Two 3/4 inch-14 NPT threaded conduit openings are provided.

Part #ENCL-EX1-8 with 8-pin socket, or ENCL-EX1-11 with 11-pin socket.

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