Friday, January 8, 2010

Can You Help????

Here's a question we can't help with. Can you?

The other day a fellow called to ask if we could build a custom dashboard panel for his car. We've had two similar calls recently - at least one of them was from a man who was converting an older model to electric power. (He wanted it to look as much like the original dashboard as posssible.) All of them had seen from our web site that we can design panels and minisystems.

This is outside our area of expertise. Industrial control panels, yes. Automotive, no. We'd need to know the size, shape, mounting arrangements etc of the car's dashboard and the electronic details of the car's sensors.

I thought I'd post this for our readers. Can you help, or do you know anyone who can?

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  1. Have you asked Wendy? Might be out there but... the nurse at Dr. F's whose hubby used to work at Honeywell in Sarasota... my understanding is they do custom electrical stuff for fancy schmancy airplanes... maybe even if they couldn't do this they might know someone who could?