Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Minisystem Measures Gas Flow

Custom Mass Flow (Gas) Minisystem

Not new - we did this one a few years ago - but here's an example of what we can do.

An Alcoa extrusions plant in Spanish Point, Utah had been monitoring natural gas usage with turbine flowmeters (volumetric) but wished to convert to mass flow for improved accuracy. The turbine manufacturer could have provided a compensated measurement, but only if the flowmeters were replaced. As these were 3 and 4 inch meters replacement costs would have been high, and piping changes would have been needed. Alcoa needed a less-expensive solution.

Alcoa added temperature and pressure sensors to the gas lines, and JH Technology was able to create a mass flow Minisystem using signal conditioners. Five modules convert the turbine pulses to DC, perform multiplication and division, produce both 4-20mAdc and pulse rate outputs proportional to mass flow in SCFH (Standard Cubic Feet per Hour) and provide 24Vdc power to the pressure and temperature sensors. The modules were premounted and wired on a panel and placed inside a NEMA-4 field enclosure.

Alcoa reported that the system provided significant savings compared to the costs of new flowmeters, and even more by eliminating the need for piping changes.

To read the complete application note, click here.

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