Sunday, November 7, 2010

Speaking of Specials - - -

Pulse Amplifier:
Special Product - leads to a second special - then two standard products - and then yet a third special!

A bit of "fun" history here - our standard Models JH376 & JH377 were introduced  last year (blog entry October 10, 2009).

In 2001 an engineer at a Canadian company - lets call it "Company A" - contacted us. They were using another manufacturer's pulse amplifier which worked but was inconvenient to mount in their system. We quoted, designed and sold them a functional equivalent in a DIN-rail mount case. The engineer later left and the orders stopped.

The same engineer called us in 2004, now with a different firm ("Company B") and with a modified set of requirements. He needed different - and adjustable - sensitivity, different filtering and the ability to accommodate both mag pickup and logic pulse inputs. We worked with him to prototype and develop a new design. They ordered regularly for about two years but then, early 2007, the orders stopped. (We later learned he'd gone back to "Company A".)

So - we now had a design but no customers. We decided to "run it up the flagpole" as a standard product and see what happened. After reviewing both companies' requirements plus competitive products we revised the standard product's filtering and sensitivity specs a bit. Introduced a year ago, it's been a modest success including a new OEM customer.

And now. "the rest of the story". In August "Company B" called again. They reordered their version but really wanted yet a different set of requirements. We again worked with them to develop a new version which they have since bought. We also contacted the original engineer at "Company A" but their systems have changed and they no longer need pulse amplifiers.

Our standard products (with links):
Pulse Amplifier: Model JH376, optimized for use with mag-coil type magnetic pickups.
Pulse Converter: Model JH377, optimized for use with logic pulse and open-collector inputs.
Or, if you need specials, contact us - jhtek@jhtechnology, (800) 808-0300 or (941) 927-0300,

Our web site:

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