Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two Wire Transmitters

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We recently picked up a new customer who ordered a few of our 2-wire thermocouple transmitters. This customer sells thermocouples and other temperature probes, and the manufacturer they represent also offers transmitters from a well-knows European company.

Why did they buy ours? The European brand is computer-ranged. The end user wanted to be able to adjust calibration without needing a computer set-up. So, they bought our "old fashion analog" fixed range Model JH220 - complete with trimpots!

This is at least the second time this has happened. Another of our customers, a temperature sensor manufacturer, ran into exactly the same objection years ago and regularly offers our transmitters even though they also handle the European brand.

Do you need to change ranges but still like trimpots? Model JH225 (shown) adds switches that let you recalibrate to almost any practical range for thermocouple types J, K and T. (You do need a calibration source.) We also offer similar transmitters for RTD (resistance thermometer) sensors.

Model JH220, thermocouple 2-wire transmitter, fixed range (factory set)
Model JH225, thermocouple 2-wire transmitter, user-rangeable
Model JH240, RTD (resistance thermometer) 2-wire transmitter, fixed range
Model JH245, RTD 2-wire transmitter, user-rangeable

All 2-Wire Transmitters

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