Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fast Response - Part 2

Speedy - Part 2

(See August 16 for Part 1)

Part 1 announced fast-response instruments. This time we're promoting our fast response to customer needs.

Thursday afternoon: We received two urgent calls, two different customers, asking "can you do it" and "how fast"? One was for 10 pieces of a standard product; the other, 6 specials which required modest new circuit design. We were able to say "Yes" to both.

Friday morning: Received both orders.

Friday evening: Two of us (Rick & Harry) stayed late.

Saturday: Rick & Harry worked from about 8:00 until 2:45PM. Finished both orders.

Monday: Both orders shipped. (Of course, both customers paid expediting charges to cover our overtime.)

Details: The standard-product order (JH4001I RTD Transmitters) was from a Navy base. They had been using "Brand A" products but that company was not able to delivery quickly. They sent searching and found us on the web. We did not have any in stock either - so we worked the weekend!

The special requirement was for an absolute-value transmitter. (See our posting of October 3, 2009 for more detail.) We had done this before (as a special in 2001) but the detailed requirements were different on this time. Thursday evening calculations plus weekend assembly and test got the job done.

Conclusion: If you need action, call us.

(800) 808-0300 or (941) 927-0300. e-mail

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  1. And I suddenly realize I'll be working overtime to finish a 35-piece special order in the next few weeks... from a repeat customer whose 20-piece special order last year inspired me to make my dream of starting my business a reality! Also trying to stock up in hopes that two open houses, one in Venice & one in Sarasota, in November are successful!