Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fast Response


OK - maybe you're expecting me to promote our fast response to your orders. (Sneaky how I worked that in!)
The real topic - fast-responding signal conditioners.
A few months ago a customer asked if we could provide frequency response to at least a few kilohertz for DC and load cell signals. Our standard circuitry could not. His quantity requirements were large enough that we designed a new circuit to meet his needs (3kHz minimum). We've since shipped his order. He tells it is working well in his application - heavy-duty shock testing. More recently another customer needed just three fast-response units which we now are able to easily supply.
We're working on the paperwork and documentation to turn this in to a standard catalog product line of DIN-rail mount transmitters. Look for it shortly.
Meanwhile, if you have high-frequency or fast-response requirements, please ask us. E-mail or call (800) 808-0300 (US toll-free) or (941) 927-0300.

Link to Fast Response Process Transmitters

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