Monday, June 8, 2009

Supporting the Navy

The US Navy, directly and indirectly, represents about 15% of our business. Here's what we do for them.

Standard Products - we sell standard products to a major servicer/supplier to Navy ships and, sometimes, direct to the ships themselves. It's fun to get e-mails and satellite calls from ships, followed by orders for intruments to be delivered to places like Hawaii and Singapore.

They mostly use our plug-in style transmitter and alarm modules because they stay in place well with ship motion and vibration. The most common styles are temperature transmitters (temperature input, DC voltage or current output) and alarm trips, frequency to DC converters and DC to freqiuency converters. We've sometimes done beefed-up specials for best possible assurance that they will survive mechanical stress.

Custom Products - Several years ago we developed a pulse conditioner to meet Navy requirements. Its function - convert a pulse train of almost any amplitude and waveshape, from millivolts to over 100 volts, square wave, sine wve or other, and convert it to a clean, isolated 5V logic pulse output. We don't know the Navy's application, but they've ordered many through contractors over the years.

Minisystems - We often take one or more of our products, sometimes together with products from other companies, and create "Minisystems" to meet customer's unique needs.

This one took our standard RTD (Temperature - Resistance Thermometer Input) transmitter, added a cable and connected it to a display board that we normally use in our Field-Mount transmitters. The US Naval Air Warfare Center, Lakehurst, NJ, needed a number of these to amplify and display temperatures as part of a system to test and certify steam cylinders used to catapult airplanes from Navy aircraft carriers.

We discussed various enclosure styles, but the Navy personnel decided they would rather just buy the "innards" from us and design them into their test system. Must have worked - they later bought a second round.

Part of our first shipment, on overnight burn-in test.

For more on our customs and specials capabilities: Or, of course, call (800) 808-0300, (941) 927-0300 or e-mail

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