Saturday, May 9, 2009

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We've only just begun .... A brand-new blog.

JH Technology, Inc. is an electronics company - we manufacture instruments known as signal conditioners, used mostly in industrial measurement and control applications. What is a signal conditioner? It's an amplifier for measurement signals. Signal conditioners amplify and convert signals such as temperature measurement (thermocouples, resistance thermometers and thermistors), pressure, force and weight (strain gauges, load cells), position (potentiometers), speed and RPM (tachometer pulses) and others. We don't make the sensors themselves, but we amplify and convert their signals.

We're a small, engineering-driven company and have strong capabilities in specials and custom or OEM products. We're also a bit old-fashioned - we answer the phone instead of running you around in circles with voice mail. We're proud of our customer service. If you need application assistance, have odd requirements or just need fast delivery, give us a try!

More "blogging" to come. Meanwhile, if you're interested, please visit us at To learn more about our specials and customs capabilities, visit

Of course, feel free to call:

Toll-free in the US (800) 808-0300
(941) 927-0300.

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